For quite some Time I have wanted to add a Wine section. As many of you know my love for wine, whether it is pairing foods, cooking, tours or enjoying a girls night!

I have my parents to thank for all their extensive knowledge and love of wine, which they have shared with me over the years. Currently, my Father and I have finished our 2 batchs of Riesling Ice Wine and a Barolo, Italian Red wine. We are now working on our Chocolate-Raspberry Port Wine which should be ready soon!

I would like to share with you my endless list of favorites, and what they pair well with!



-Francis Collola- Pinot Noir (California)

poultry, beef, fish, ham, lamb, pork, creamy sauces with a kick

Finger Lakes Wine:

Billsboro – ’06 & ’07 Cabernet Franc

steak, chocolate and pasta with red sauce

Anthony Road- ’06 Cabernet Franc/Lemberger

cheese, chocolate

Miles- Call me a cab

heavy pasta dishes, chicken parmesan,  peppery steaks

Deer Run- ’06 Chambourcin

spicy meat and pasta dishes


-Château la Rose Puyblanquet- ’02 St. Emilian Red Bordeux

red meats especially lamb and steak



Italian Wine:

Luna Di Luna- Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio

fruit, light pasta dishes, marinated chicken, fish

American Wine:

Château Ste Michelle- Chardonnay (Washington)

dark meat poultry, cheese

-Kendall-Jackson- Chardonnay (California)

salmon, lobster, sweetbreads, veal