la petite chef

Hello! My name is Marielle!

Being half Italian and half French I’ve always enjoyed the art and passion of cooking. As an adult I’ve been more conscious about eating healthy, but I think it is always important to splurge here and there and never let your man down in the kitchen!

On my site is a compilation of Homemade recipes and ones I’ve found on tv or online.

Please help yourself and leave feedback!

La petite chef mixes (thoroughly) humor, food, a dash of disaster and a cup of originality. End result? Fabulous!!

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2 responses

  1. Hi my name is Ryan, I am an aspiring restaranteur in Long Island. I currently own and operate the Armadillo Grille in Sayville, and I’m looking into opening a second, fusion style restaurant in the bustling restaurant row of Babylon, New York. My executive chef & restaurant consultant, Adam, recommended that I look at some of your recipes for inspiration and what I have found is that and more. I will be putting together menu items and design ideas for the new restaurant in June, and I would like to collaborate. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Ciao Marielle,
    ti ho trovata per caso su ” The foodie blogroll”,ho un blog che si chiama” La Voglia Matta “,il tuo è davvero molto molto carino! Ti aggiungo subito nella mia sezione speciale “Cucinare in altre lingue”, passa a trovarmi, mi farà piacere, a presto! Chiara