Mama’s Marinara Sauce

Mama's Marinara Sauce

I spent about 4 hours last night making the Cacciatore-Santoriello Marinara Sauce (can we say Italian!). Every taste of this and I feel like I’m in my Grandmothers kitchen 🙂 literally a taste of heaven in every bite.

I made a batch because I have Stuffed Shells on the menu this weekend and they’ll be dredged in this homemade sauce. For the Shells, I tweaked a recipe (as USUAL) that called for Prego and I cringed at just the thought of how that would ruin the dish.

Anywho, I can’t post the recipe because my Mother would like to keep it in the family 🙂 but I will say that adding meat to it before the Tomato goes it is an extra plus. Typically my Grandma adds her homemade meatballs, which is another family recipe to DIE for, but I added sausage because that’s all I had!

Stay tuned for Stuffed Shells with Beef, Spinach and cheese!

Marielle Christine


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  1. Larissa says:

    LOVE the new header!!! I need me some mama’s sauce. So glad you’re back in action!!

    1. I’ll jar you up some no worries 😉 It’s Good to be back!

  2. Jamie Who says:

    Hey there, thanks for stopping by my site. I love yours and will be here often!

    Jamie Who

  3. pam says:

    Yes, you wouldn’t want to divulge secret family recipes!

  4. Karen Harris says:

    Thanks for stopping by my site! Your sauce looks delish. I’d love to see the recipe but I totally understand that you can’t disobey mom.

  5. Looks tasty! I can understand not sharing the family secret. I have a few of those recipes too.

    Thanks for stopping by Gumbo YaYa. Glad you liked the Strawberry & whipped cream cake. It really is delish!

    Have a great weekend. Cheers, Cindy

  6. Mmm, can’t wait to see the stuffed shells recipe!!

  7. Jamie says:

    Oooh I got so excited when I saw that beautiful sauce because I really need a recipe, and then your mom goes and keeps it close to her chest! Bummer! But can’t wait to see the stuffed shells. Yum! I’ll bet they are magnificent!

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