And we’re up!

HELLO Everyone!! So I’ve been trying to get the site re-up… Many of you saw the site that I had launched before but the web designing software wasn’t cooperating and the site took forever to load (as many of you had noticed)

So here we go again! This is a semi-temporary fix till I have the time to invest, but I’ve discovered which is awesome if you do blogging type stuff but need something a little more sophistocated (and still free!)

As you can see, I have tabs above so please explore through those. Yes I know the recipes aren’t in perfect alphabetical order.. it’s driving me nuts so I’m sorry!

I have a LOT of things on my menu coming up so get excited! I’ll be exploring heavier dinners and making quite a few pasta dishes.

aaahhhhh…. It’s good to be back! 🙂


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  1. Sam says:

    Hi Marielle! I love the new site it looks great!

    Thanks for your offer to help me set up my own it’s something I have been thinking about doing, I’d really like my own domain. Was it difficult to do?

    I guess my main worries would be that it would be hard to set up (I’m not a programming expert!) and that all the links to my current blog and all the subscribed feeds would be dead. what happens to your subscribers?

    If I decide to go for it would you be able to help me set it up? I’ll probably need some help!

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